Upon employment of a crew member that has been recommended by our crew placement department (BYC) ‘The Client’ (Owner, Owner’s representative, Captain) accepts the following terms and conditions outlined in this Crew Placement Agreement.

BYC will, to the best of our ability, check all references and qualifications before a potential crew member’s CV is forwarded to the client. 

BYC would also request a copy of the Ship’s Standing Orders and/or a copy of the crew agreement or SEA from the Client to ensure that one of our recommended recruits will be joining a vessel that is MLC 2006 compliant and the rights of the seafarer will be adhered to.

Payment Terms

Payment, as agreed to between BYC and The Client, will be due in full within 30 days from employment start date or following the successful trial period of the candidate.

Unless we have a previously established credit agreement, credit card details will be required.

The Client will be asked to advise us upon successful employment of one of our candidates within a reasonable period of time, recommended 48hrs.


We have made all reasonable efforts to check all references, qualifications and backgrounds and we will offer to re-place a full time crew with-in 30days of start of employment if the crew member has been, what is deemed, a reasonable dismissal. We guarantee to undertake our own due-diligence prior to making any recommendations.

We will agree to a re-fund policy if the crew member is dismissed within 30days due to gross misconduct, negligence or criminal act.


The Client is responsible for the crew member’s actions upon employment.

Recruits are in no way contracted to BYC and all taxes, employment benefits and the welfare of the recruits are the responsibility of The Client.

All liability whether in contract for damage, loss or costs incurred is hereby excluded to the fullest extent of the law.