WHO IS MCA:Fire fighting training

Courses and Training are a necessity for working on yachts:

  • The MCA is an agency of the Department for Transport of the British Government and it is the organisation responsible for maritime safety in the UK.
  • The best and most up to date information relating to what courses you need, (to be qualified to work on superyachts), can be found on the MCA website

What to look for on the MCA website under Training and Certification:

  • MCA STCW Basic Safety Training Certificates
  • MCA Yacht Rating Certificate
  • MCA Deck Officer Certificates - Officer of the Watch OOW, Chief Mate and Master
  • MCA Engineering Officer Certificates, Chief engineer



When starting work on a yacht make sure you read your employment contract or SEA Seafarer’s Employment Agreement carefully and that it is a compliant MLC 2006 contract. 

All super yachts must provide a compliant MLC 2006 contract. Commonly used is an MCA SEA approved contract, see sample here.

MLC 2006 issued and regulated by the International Labour Organisation, governs the rights and conditions of seafarers, and is now the standard that all super yachts must adhere to.

Title 1. Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship

Title 2. Conditions of employment

Title 3. Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering

Title 4. Health protection, medical care, welfare and social security protection